Feature Interview: Rimi Nique by James HIlton

The following is an interview with Rimi Nique - a citizen of the world, artist and one of my personal inspirations.  We met Rimi while were living the LA life and shooting the spring collection for our shop and we loved her.  Her music seems to defy categorization in a uniquely refreshing way and her personality is just as unique.  We'll link you to her music down below after the interview, but first and foremost let’s get to know her. 

Tell me about your childhood?

I was never one of those kids whose parents rewarded them with anything materialistic.  They rewarded me with experiences.  Even though we had the means to, I was always hungry for going out and seeing the world.  


Tell me about your music?

When I say that I feel like I’m a (musical) citizen of the world I really mean that.  I’m sort of a walking identity crisis because I’m not just one thing.  My family is both Thai and Indian and it’s only in the past two years where people are not sure where I’m from.  When I was in New York I could hang out in the Bronx listening to latin music and just blend right in…almost to the point where people thought that I was from there.  

All of this shows up in my music.  I grew up singing in a temple, because my family is Sikh.  We sang a lot of hymns, but I went to an American Catholic school and while I was there I joined an acapella group called the Jeremiah Singers.  We sang Gospel music and I learned about R&B, Hip Hop and Soul music. Originally though, the first music that I sang was all spiritual music…if it doesn’t have any soul then its not music to me, because I grew up with spiritual music.  

I think music is healing and it’s a universal language.  It sort of connects us all.  I know that sounds cliche, but I’ve lived long enough to realize that it's true.  

Do you ever want to go out and speak to your fans?

My fans look up to me for my good vibes and good messages.  I don’t really do negativity and I don’t give it too much weight.  If something is negative I talk about it and discuss it.  

What interests you the most about being here (in LA)?

I get to really be myself here.  I don’t have to worry about fitting in and making someone feel comfortable.  I can be sarcastic and people here will understand.  In India or Thailand they just wouldn’t get it.  Here the probability of finding more likeminded people is just higher.  There are so many me kind of folks here so it feels like home.   

What do you think your future holds?

I’m a super go with the flow type of person.  My goal is… I just want to be happy.  There are so many talented people here that it’s almost a prerequisite.  After that its about being surrounded  with good people, honest people, genuine people…

I also know that I’m going to be singing.  I really didn’t think music was going to be my career. The entire idea of singing for money never really crossed my mind.  When I started earning (money) with music it just became my career.  

I’m just one of those artists that if I charged to sing for an hour/hour and a half and I can tell that people are having fun I’ll just keep singing.  I think that’s how I know that this is my calling.


If you’re intrigued, take a listen at the link below.  I think we’ll be seeing more of her soon.