Meghan Markle: Future Style Icon / by James HIlton

At first it was a rumor.  Later it was a “thing”.  Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to take the grand "I do’s" in the usual British pomp and circumstance, the world is going to see a lot more of what we think is a hallmark moment for classic styles.  We’ve already seen flashes of what might become an interesting fusion: soft European elegance mixed with flashes of American rebelliousness. Here is a quick look at what we mean.  

At the Queen’s holiday lunch in Buckingham Palace, Meghan opted for a rounded Chloe bag in a hearty earth tone matched with a rounded cap in a similar shade. She paired these with an understated asymmetrical wrapped coat in soft tan and simple, suede boots: touches of classic European and American styles in an interesting harmony. It will be interesting to watch how this style develops as she becomes an American in one of the most classic, of British families.