Meandering Eyes / by James HIlton

We love to leave the office sometimes, see the world around us and check out what you’re up to.  We've found the best way to find the best products is to brunch where you brunch (as much under the radar as we can be).  

This last trip we packed up the car, put on our favorite resort playlist, and hit the open road to Lake Tahoe for Wanderlust.  The goal of this trip was to find out what you like to wear when you get sweaty.  We enjoyed doing our Warrior 2 in the Tahoe sun, hit the pool, and sneaked a few snapshots of the amazing people that we met; we thought it would be great to share some of what we found with the rest of the community (below).  You're our inspiration and we couldn't do this without you.  

Our next trip will be coming soon and we’ll be sharing it with you when we have the wrinkles smoothed out.  Get your sunblock ready -  it looks like it will be somewhere warm and sunny...