Brand Profile: Vereverto's Paige Smith / by James HIlton


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your art. 

I studied graphic design in college and my career has been design focused since. Six years ago I decided to pursue art further to get myself inspired again. I came up with the idea of Urban Geode, a street-inspired site specific sculptural installation. The ‘geodes’ are now resin cast geometric polyhedra found in the holes and cracks of cities around the world.

Gold Urban Geode Installation

Gold Urban Geode Installation

Why did you become an artist? 

I became an artist because I absolutely had to. Design is an amazing challenge usually based on other people’s ideas and dreams, but I had something inside me that needed to come out creatively. It gives me the freedom to express myself or make my day-dreams come true.


Do you have a creative process?

I never let the ideas breeze through without being recorded if I can help it. I also work on keeping myself positive by using improv techniques—I never use the word ‘no’ and only ever say ‘yes and’.


Looking back at what you’ve accomplished is there something that stands out to you as the most significant?

Personally some of my landmarks are the size of the installations I’ve created and the places I’ve gone. I remember being in Istanbul collaborating on a mural there with two other artists and thinking how unique and special that moment was. I never could have dreamed that for myself.


Are there other artists that you admire who you would like to thank?

I’m a fan of JR, Olafur Eliasson, Richard Serra, and Yayoi Kusama.


If you had to give advice to someone who was considering starting a brand, what would you tell them? 

I’d say don’t listen to any nay-sayers, stay strong and consistent, and be passionate.


What caused you to start Vereverto and do you have inspirations for what Vereverto has become?

I had the concept to create convertible bags while living in San Francisco and seeing a hole in offerings for that kind of product. I always ended up hurting my body trying to make nice bags work on a bike or for long walking commutes. Once I moved to LA, the fashionable east side and the mass of entrepreneurs doing exceptional work was so inspiring. I was frustrated with design work and looking for something to feel passion again, and a friend of mine encouraged me to start the business. We are excited to be where we planned four years ago!


Brown Macta

Brown Macta

Are there bags/styles/colors in the pipeline that we can look forward to? 

Our Autumn/Winter line is about to launch, and we’ve very excited about our large circle bag Clari. It’s already a best seller! Plus we did some more pop colors this season, which a little different for us—cherry and cobalt. I also made a polyhedra bag based off my own artwork called the Octa. It’s a really unique and kooky bag in the shape of an octahedron.


Anything you want to tell your customers, fans?  

I’m excited to be designing an installation for LAX that will go up next Spring in April! It will appear in the international terminal.


- We’ll be there to check it out and cheer you on Paige.