K-Pop: The Worst Kept Secret in R&B and Pop Music / by James HIlton

During their time overseas,  American GI's brought soul, funk, jazz and R&B music around the world.  Americans transported records with them in crates and in trunks to listen to in down time or during R&R.  Often times to fill missing musical slots for morale concerts the local musicians would play with Americans on sets that were filled with soul and R&B music.  After the wars end, the music was left behind for people to transform into their own distinct version of a very classic American art form.  If you take a moment to listen, you'll hear the flashes of Black American Soul mixed in with glossy, bumble gum pop that satisfies like almost nothing else.   


One culture in particular that had a love affair with this music that lasted for generations was Korea.  Korean Pop Music, or K - pop as is known around the world now, is famous for its girl and boy groups.  The groups perform clever choreography that was transported by the rise of the internet and television to a culture already in love with a new musical art form.  K- pop also took the music video to another level, mimicking the clever story telling and over the top production of American geniuses like Michael and Janet Jackson.  Now on places like Youtube, Korean pop artists PSY, Twice, EXID(personal favorite), and many more have hundreds of millions or billions of views by not just Korean listeners, but American, European, and Japanese viewers who embraced the same musical roots -- soul music.  To give you just a taste of what has become an obsession for us, take a listen to our Parlourboard K Pop playlist on Spotify.  When we have a moment we'll put together even more of our favorite music and videos on Apple Music and Youtube for you to enjoy.  

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PS.  We're in a sappy sort of mood and Suran is doing things for us.  If you have time for the feels give this a watch.