Fashion Looking Forward / by James HIlton

It’s only January, but we're lost in A springtime fantasy...


It’s only January, but this afternoon we were lost in a springtime fantasy.  Flashbacks came about a trip we took that started with a cocktail (or more like three), the view of the desert hills from the Amangiri and a hazy - sunset jeep ride through the desert.  That song by Explosions in the Sky was playing in the Jeep…It feels like this one, but who knows for sure.  

Anyway, we came out of it and there were so many things that we saw that we think are going to be in your next springtime adventure.  Here are just a few that we love.   

Non traditional summer dresses

Brighter and more intricate florals, patterns, and longer lengths (towards floor length) we think are coming back.  Check out the types with a higher waistline that are flattering on almost everyone.  

That one piece Swimsuit you sweated in the gym all winter for

For 2018 there will be deeper back cutouts and higher shoulder cuts for more of that tease look we like.  We’re excited to see if muted colors are still in: peach, tan, burnt sienna, black, and eggshell in addition to the intricate patterns we saw last year. 

The staple soft heeled sandals

Vereverto Alo Tote

Vereverto Alo Tote

We love the “traveler in a far away land” look. Strappy gladiator sandals, strap back heeled sandals, and maybe a tasseled side tie.  

The Spring Suit

Short sleeve jacket, semi fitted skirt, and chunky buttons.  You’ll want to wear it at the office and to drinks we’re certain. 

Your workout to brunch look is going to be even better  

More gym-to-meetup friendly sweaters, tunics, ponchos, and more.  Leggings are here to stay,  but we’re going to see a lot more variation in fabrics and styles.  

Double Duty Tote Bags

It’s a bag that’s nice enough to take to the office, but not so fussy that it can’t hang out in your locker at soul cycle.  Find a color that is interesting enough that people will talk.