Stay City Chic in the Summer Heat / by James HIlton


A style guide for the office hours this summer


Although we love this season, it is definitely the trickiest time of year to dress for work. All you want to do is throw on a casual dress and slip into a pair of sandals, but at the same time, you need to look presentable for the office. No need to worry though!  With these five simple tricks you will ace the office best dressed list without breaking a sweat. 


1.  Back to basics 

A classic white shirt will be your best friend this summer. Wear it underneath a strappy dress or with a pair of wide paper bag waist pants to look both stylish and professional. 

2.  The bold bag  

Partner up with a bag in a color that pops to add that extra little summer-something to your 9-to-5 wardrobe.    

3.  Brighten up 

The colors you choose are key. Stay cool in bright colors that minimize the risk of sweat patches. Wearing a monochromatic white outfit is a guarantee to look polished.    

4. All about the accessories 

Every outfit is elevated with the right accessories. This is undoubtedly a more is more-situation: own the office runway with statement earrings, wear several dainty bracelets and dare to mix silver and gold to sprinkle some sparkles onto your outfit.

5.  Suit up   

Kiss your dark suits goodbye and go for a summer fling. Preferably a wild one. A bold printed suit will make you feel like the power woman you are. Swap footwear after office hours and you are all set for wherever the summer night takes you!