The just-been-dumped survival guide / by James HIlton

Recovering from heartbreak is tough as hell, but luckily there are ways to make the process a little less terrible.  We've got you covered with a list of our three go to tips to get you through the heartache.  Here we go! 


Create a list of flaws

Write a list on your phone of every tiny thing that was wrong about your ex and the relationship. It can be anything from their habit of checking the phone during dinner,  to their lame dad jokes,  to how they never truly, 100%, got you. The next time you get an urge to call them, go to your list and read it thoroughly. It will feel less tempting to dial those digits.


Explore something that’s just for you

Dive into the universe of YouTube videos, invite a new artist into your life or binge-watch something like Planet Earth (no risk for romantic triggers) – anything that isn’t related to your ex.


Don’t be alone


Sometimes when we’re sad we tend to isolate ourselves with nothing but our grief. Don’t. The best medicine for a heart to heal is fun.  Kind friends will listen, hold your hand and remind you why you deserve so much better.  


It might seem like your broken heart will never mend but trust us, it will. One day you will bump into your ex and realize that all you feel is how over it you are. And when you do, call your friends and throw a party to celebrate. Invite someone cute.