Dont let the Dudes rule the gym / by James HIlton


Everyone knows who they are. The Dudes who live to lift. They are sweaty, loud and their disproportionately large torsos are barely covered in tank tops. With protein shakes in hand they occupy the best spots at the gym.
As you walk into the gym you are prepared to do some weight exercises your friend recommended but suddenly, you feel insecure. You see The Dudes and your feet steer you towards the tiny, poor air-conditioned room where yoga mats and medicine balls are cramped into.  
It can be uncomfortable to conquer the ultimate places at the gym, like The Dudes. However, instead of bashing on them for taking up space, let them be your inspiration. The next time you are at the gym and are tempted by the comfort in the tiny room, resist. You deserve better. We’re rooting for you!