Feature Interview: Anastacia Ponomar / by James HIlton

The following is a transcript of our interview with Anastacia Ponomar, the cover model for our Body Language brand.  We sat down with her in West Hollywood to take this interview and to show you why we love her so much.


Why did you decide to become a model?  

I didn’t…I think it chose me.  I was living in New York and I was just looking for a job.  I got this one modeling gig and it fell in place from there.  


Anastacia Ponomar

Anastacia Ponomar

Do you enjoy it?

Sometimes I do…I really enjoy doing creative shoots with different brands for social media.  


If you could choose to do any part of it for the rest of your life what would you do?  

I would do editorials… I would do creative editorial style lookbooks for some of my favorite brands.  


Do you have any brands that you are dying to work with?

I would love to work for Rag and Bone, St Laurent, Celine, Sandro…..


From the time that you have been LA, what are the standouts?   

The weather!  The beautiful nature and all of the places to travel that are nearby.  It feels like it’s only here on the west coast.


What was your favorite project, photo shoot, or project that you have worked on since you’ve been here?

I worked for Canon. We flew to Miami for a few days and it was so much fun.  For the shoot that really helped me the most for my book, there was a photographer in New York named Andreas…We did a test shoot for the same brand 3/4 years ago.  I have a lot of photos from him in my book and I love those photos.  


What would you like to say to him if he was reading this?

Thank you so much for helping me with my book.  I really love those photos.  


Do you miss New York?
I miss New York a lot. It’s amazing, but the weather…I don’t really like the snow.  

But you’re Russian.  


I grew up in a southern city in Russia that is very warm and close to the Black Sea.  We have palm trees and in winter we have snow for like two days.  

If I told you that next year your were shooting with all of your favorite brands doing editorials what would you say.  

Awesome.  I’d be so happy!  Do you promise?? (that you can make that happen for me?)


I can’t promise anything, but it's possible.  

What is something that would change your life as a model.  If it happened to you then it would be the thing that you always wanted? What would make you really happy?  

I would have regular clients that would work with me once a week.  Like I did in New York… and I was really happy.  

That’s enough?  

I would do some cool projects once a month with some nice brands and have weekly clients like I did in New York. I was really happy then…


Where do you see yourself in five years as a model?  

 I don’t see myself still modeling in five years honestly…..I think I’ll be doing something else.


What might that be?  Or what do you like to spend your free time doing?

Traveling…hanging out with my friends…I don’t know.  It will probably just happen I think.  


People look at your life and they think it’s really glamorous and that you’re really beautiful.  What would you say to all of those people who really admire you?

Thank you.  


That’s it?  

I don’t really know what to say…just thank you so much.  


Looking back on it and choosing to live this life… would you do it all over again?

Yes.  Yes…I definitely would.