Silence Your Inner Critic / by James HIlton

We all have that internal voice in our heads telling us things like:

“Don’t even try, you’re going to fail anyway.”
“Are you sure you want to wear that?”
“Everyone in this room is smarter than you are.”

It appears when you need it the least and like a bully, it feeds on your insecurities. So, what
can you do to mute your inner critic? One efficient way to silence the devil is to give it a name. Make it a ridiculous and harmless one, like Bert (or whatever name you can’t take seriously). The next time it appears out of nowhere to tear you apart and intoxicate your soul, you tell it:
“Bert, I have no time for your negativity. You are a small-minded judgmental bore. Move
along, I have more important things to focus on.”

The great thing about naming your inner critic is that it detaches the voice from yourself. When the verbal jabs are coming from a tiny jerk called Bert, it’s more likely that you see them for what they are: mean words. Not definite truths about yourself.