Wanderlust Magic / by James HIlton

Wanderlust is a magical place.  

I’m going to intentionally include a line break so that the reader can take a moment to contemplate the meaning of ‘magical’.  


Keep that image…..the one you created in your mind as you read what follows.  I don’t think you’’ll be disappointed.


When you first arrive at the giant golfball shaped check-in dome you’re clued into the fact that this is going to be a different sort of experience.  There are hanging nets against the back walls with brightly colored pillows in small circles underneath.  There are Eastern inspired rugs under foot and softy yellow colored hanging lights on the ceilings.  Behind the check -in station there are a few smiling women waiting to check you in to the venue.  They seems almost too happy in a strange way that you really can’t describe.  That is a general theme when it comes to Wanderlust, but we’ll come back to that later.  

After you walk into the main square you are subtly clued into the fact that this is a major business undertaking.  Vendors are everywhere: the title sponsors from Adidas and Ford have massive displays where people are communally seated and enjoying the free products that they’ve bought with them.  They’ve done such a great job that for some reason they haven’t broken the magic that is present. You still feel like you’ve wandered into an oasis from a long journey through a vast desert (that happens to be filled with 99% women festooned with brightly colored workout gear), but that somehow feels right at home in the midst of the entire scene.  

Live music is playing throughout the festival ground.  A blues band is expertly playing an original song and intricate guitar riffs blended with hard snare cracks lull tired minds as they pass by.  After a moment in the hot sun, people congregate in the shady spaces next to the trees to watch the musicians play.  Most of the people who are seated seem like fast friends, bonded together in a way that only sudden isolation from ones own tribe can seem to do.  

Community Member

Community Member

Here is where the magic happens.  You strike up a conversation with someone, anyone, and you start to notice a constant serenity in all of their voices.  It’s almost like they’ve left all of their worries behind them for the moment that they’re speaking with you.   Their words seem genuine, placid, and full of heartfelt attentiveness.  After speaking with enough people you start to realize that this feeling is pervasive, no doubt in my mind a byproduct of exercise, meditation, deep thought and introspection: all seemingly reinforced by the yoga lifestyle.


Parlourboard loves it’s yoga community and I, very personally, promised that I would include the photos that I shot for our community members while I was present.  I enjoyed shooting these so much that I decided to create another Instagram account that is dedicated specifically  to our community members photos that you can find here:  https://www.instagram.com/parlourboard_official/. If you find your photo untagged and would like us to tag you please feel free to reach out to us at info@parlourboard.com  A few of my favorites are included below. We love you guys and we hope that you enjoy our community space.  As always we’re here to create a great experience for you and if there is any feedback you would like to share, please get in touch.  

With love,
James Hilton Jr.