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PARLOURBOARD believes that all women are beautiful and deserve to feel special. Every season we construct our catalog to focus on looks that we think will flatter our community members in any place she might find herself. 

We're expanding out catalog constantly, looking for new styles, colors and cuts that can draw in more great people to our community.  Even more important than just the catalog alone are the great people who chose to work with us to share great products with our community. We're looking for influential people who can create a sense of fun, spirit, beauty, love, passion and community for PARLOURBOARD. If this is you please read more below:


Access to the Parlourboard App, where you network with thousands of like mind social media influences and our vibrant community. 

Commissions on each sale you generate can vary from

Social Media Exposure on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Be active on our page, Follow us, Like our posts & comment.

Share pictures of all purchases on social media. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Represent our brand with pride & integrity

Follow all Parlourboard social med


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If you'd like to join the PARLOURBOARD referral program please get in touch with us by filling out the contact sheet to the right.  We'll do our best to get back to you soon ab0ut how to become a part of our family. 

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