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marketing Scientist/Data Analyst

Parlourboard is seeking a Marketing Scientist/Data Analyst to work as the lead of our marketing efforts. This includes everything from where we place our billboards to multivariate testing our digital media sources.

For the first candidate in this department you should be comfortable working very independently without training. You will likely mentor others in how to properly market our application to the world.

Data is at the core of how we think at Parlourboard and we use it make decisions large and small. However, when it calls for it we make judgements about what data 'means' with our experiences in mind.

Your job is to help us figure out how to market to our customer in the most efficient and effective manner possible given the data that both we've collected from our application, but also from third parties.

A set of examples of the type of work that you will encounter on a day to day schedule:

1) Optimize the marketing mix of paid vs unpaid social media advertisements for our application and website across all mixed media.

2) Choose a set of n locations to place physical advertisements (billboards, kiosks, posters) which maximize their ability to be seen by our target user demographic. Test and/or measure the effectiveness of physical advertisements to drive traffic/downloads and/or sales.

3) Analyze user traffic to our website and iPhone app to give the company a sense of who is downloading our application.

4) Optimize our use of social media automation to drive traffic across the web to our website.

Answering these questions usually means formulating and running queries against all types of data. It also means just doing the basic math, and ensuring we’re being statistically rigorous. You should be able to do both the technical and statistical work to answer questions like the ones in the examples above.

You may not have encountered all of these problems before and that is ok! We're happy to get in the mud together to find the answers we're looking for.

Parlourboard is currently a remote team, working from 5 different locations around the world simultaneously. You can work whenever you want as long as you can attend brief meetings (1 hr or less) to discuss both your plan for work and the results. We love independent thinkers who can solve problems without needing help. People who can effectively self manage are highly valuable resources to the company.


To apply for this position please fill out the following information. In the last section of this application if there is something that you would to tell us please feel free.

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